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Your Kids Will Love Us!Kids Dentist Hampton NJ

Dr. Bork will put your children at ease in his care. He delivers treatment in a thoughtful and gentle manner, using the most recent advancements for dentistry. We look forward to a child's first visit at age 3 and enjoy their return visits as they grow and change each year. We teach them good dental hygiene at a very young age to help them keep their teeth for a lifetime.

No More Fears

We want your children to be free of fear of dental appointments. Your kids will always find our office a happy place to visit. Just ask any of our satisfied parents! However nervous your boy or girl may feel, we are here to make them comfortable in our care.

Your Choice of Dentist is Important for Your Child's Good HealthChildren's Dentistry in Hampton NJ

We instill in children the importance of good dental habits at each visit, because children's teeth are prone to dental caries (cavities) for various reasons. Children often do not do a thorough job of brushing their teeth. We advise parents to oversee their children's brushing and flossing to ensure they do a good job. Young kids tend to eat throughout the day (grazing). This results in more acid production (eating produces acids in the mouth) and can lead to more cavities.

Teeth that are not clean to begin with will also contribute to acid production, which can increase the risk of cavities. Healthy food choices and excellent daily cleaning routines reduce this risk. We also recommend one application of a mineralizing fluoride varnish to protect the teeth from decay.

Reduce the Chances of Cavities for Your Children - the Easy Way!Preventive Dental Sealants Dentistry Hampton NJ

Sometimes even meticulous brushing doesn't clean all the grooves in the back teeth. Once bacteria and acids build up, plaque forms, eventually producing cavities. Even the smallest cavity causes permanent damage and will require a filling. But there is a preventive technique that can greatly help to keep this from happening. You'll be amazed how easy the treatment is!

All teeth are cleaned and sanitized. A coat of the sealant is applied to the entire surface of each molar. The sealant is clear and completely invisible. Dr. Bork then uses a curing light to bond the sealant to the teeth. It's completed that easily! No shots or drills are necessary. This is the most effective treatment to help children and adolescents keep their natural teeth cavity free.

Neuromuscular Dentistry is for Kids Too!Neuromuscular Dentistry in Hampton NJ

Kids can have overbites, headaches, facial pain, and breathing problems due to improper alignment – this doesn't occur only in adults. Early detection and proper treatment in children is important to prevent additional problems later on. Correcting bites and airway obstruction focuses on assessment of facial development and skeletal misalignment for treatment with specialized orthodontics. We treat these problems when the patient is young so they do not have severe health problems later in life!

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at 908-537-4248 to schedule a visit for everyone.

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