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Make the Most of Your SmileCosmetic Dentistry in Hampton NJ

We want you to look your very best because looking good means feeling great! With our care for your oral health and modern restorative techniques, you can have a beautiful smile. Smile makeovers are less time consuming and more affordable than you may realize! We offer veneers, bonding, whitening, and crowns to give you a gorgeous smile. Ask us how we can have you smiling even more!

Get a Dazzling White Smile

Everyone wants their teeth to be a natural-looking white. With modern methods, you can achieve that healthy look. Dr. Bork uses a professionally supervised bleaching process. Custom whitening trays are made in his lab, and you complete the process at home with supplies and instructions we provide. Within 1 – 14 days, you will see the results for a dazzling smile.

Imagine A New Smile in Only Two Visits!Smile Makeover Dental Treatment Hampton NJ

Did you know we can quickly and painlessly correct crooked teeth in just two appointments? Teeth that are misshapen, gapped, or stained can be easily altered with porcelain crowns. They are very durable sheets of dental ceramic placed over and bonded to your natural teeth. It gives you an attractively straight and uniform smile. Porcelain crowns also work well to restore a chipped, worn, or cracked tooth. These crowns are made to look very natural, and they blend with the surrounding teeth. They can be made to match the exact shade of your natural teeth.

No More Amalgam Fillings

White Dental Fillings Hampton NJThe silver-mercury filling has been the usual filling material used by dental offices for many years. Although a reasonable restoration that some still use, we no longer do. Metal does not adhere well to teeth. Eventually decay can develop under the filling. Patients never like the appearance of this dark filling in their teeth, which is not pleasing to look at and can be very noticeable. We offer only modern restorations that have no metal. They bond very tightly to a tooth's structure and even add strength to a tooth. The filling color can be made to match the shade of your tooth, so they are nearly invisible while lessening the chances of decay.

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