Become Part of the Team with the Intra-Oral Camera

Intra Oral Dental Camera Hampton NJDr. Bork works closely with his patients, creating a bond through teamwork. With the intra-oral camera, patients can view a close-up display of their mouth. It lets you become part of the decision-making process as you carefully view what teeth need work. Our patients love how this works, and you will too!

Prevent Knocking Out a Tooth

Custom Designed Athletic Mouthguards Hampton NJWear proper protection when playing sports to prevent losing one or more teeth. Each year, just in the United States, 5 million teeth are lost due to accidents during athletic competition. This can easily be avoided with a custom-made mouthguard from our practice. The mouthguards sold in stores do not fit properly, potentially inhibiting proper breathing and performance, and they also may not protect as they should.

The American Dental Association recommends wearing custom mouthguards for the following sports: acrobatics, basketball, boxing, field hockey, football, gymnastics, handball, ice hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, roller hockey, rugby, shotputting, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, soccer, squash, surfing, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, wrestling.

You Won't Feel a Thing!

WAND - Computerized Anesthetic DeliveryThe Wand™ is a computerized anesthetic delivery system, and you'll be so glad we offer it in our practice. For over a hundred years, the syringe was the primary method of delivering anesthesia. The Wand now allows us to deliver anesthesia to a patient, and they almost always say, "I didn't feel a thing!" The Wand also provides a safer and more accurate delivery of anesthesia. You no longer have to be fearful of or anxious about the traditional dental needle when you visit our office.

Sedation with Nitrous Oxide

Dental Sedation Hampton NJWe use nitrous oxide, also referred to as "laughing gas," for your comfort. Through a mask, the sedation is inhaled. As you continually breathe in, you reach a level of complete relaxation. When used with a local anesthetic, all pain is eliminated in most cases.

For Your Safety

We sterilize our dental instruments in an autoclave and meet the highest standards of cleanliness. An autoclave is a special sterilizing unit that is monitored by an outside lab to ensure your safety. We also use single-use tools that are discarded after use. We never take any risks when it comes to your health.

As Clean as Your Teeth Can Be

Teeth Cleaning Hampton NJIt is very important to have your teeth as clean as can be! Any trace of plaque and calculus needs to be removed on a regular basis. We use the Piezo Scaler™ that gets your teeth and gumline their cleanest, free from any build-up that can lead to other, more serious health conditions. This tool uses high-frequency vibrations to remove deposits much faster than regular scaling instruments do. You will be glad to know most patients report little to no discomfort with the Piezo Scaler.

Ensuring Your Comfort in Every Way

Dr. Bork utilizes the very latest in technology to ensure each patient's comfort. This includes the use of electric handpieces. These are much quieter than the air driven drills!

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at 908-537-4248.

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