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Hygiene Visits are Necessary for Good Health!

We recommend regular teeth cleaning by our professional hygienists for overall good health. Plaque can build up in hard-to-reach areas, and after it hardens into tartar, daily brushing cannot remove it. If it gathers below the gumline, you will have an additional problem. Periodontal (gum) disease will result, and advanced cases of infected gums have a contributing effect to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Medical research has proven the link between infected gums and these serious health conditions. Please take our recommendation seriously to stay healthy!

Comfort from Start to Finish

Confidence in knowing that you will not feel any discomfort during a procedure is of utmost importance. Our primary method is to use the Anutra buffering system, which adds sodium bicarbonate to the anesthetic. This unique injection technique not only increases anesthetic effectiveness, it significantly decreases injection sensitivity.

We also have electric handpieces (drills) available. These dramatically reduce the sound of the drill, which is very disturbing to many people. However, if all this is not enough, we can provide mild but very effective sedatives, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas).


Go from this…


to THIS!


Fits in the palm of your hand.

Relief for Sleep Apnea

This problem results in loud, incessant snoring or interrupted breathing while sleeping due to the airway being obstructed. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may have already been fitted with a CPAP device. This machine pumps air through a mask that fits over the nose and mouth to maintain a flow of air into the lungs.

Although it works well for breathing and snoring problems, the mask for the CPAP machine may be uncomfortable to wear all night. As a result, patients stop wearing the mask and the problem recurs.

Let us introduce to you a small, comfortable acrylic device that fits over upper and lower teeth. It is similar to a retainer or mouthguard and gently repositions your jaw and tongue to keep the airway open for continual, easy breathing. It’s a cinch to insert and remove, no fuss to clean, and highly portable for traveling. More than 90% of patients who use this device have reported success in comfort and continual breathing. Please give us a call today so you can get the sleep apnea dental treatment in Hampton, NJ.

Sedation with Nitrous Oxide

We use nitrous oxide, also referred to as “laughing gas,” for your comfort. Through a mask, the sedation is inhaled. As you continually breathe in, you reach a level of complete relaxation. When used with a local anesthetic, all pain is eliminated in most cases.



As Clean as Your Teeth Can Be

It is very important to have your teeth as clean as can be! Any trace of plaque and calculus needs to be removed on a regular basis. We use the Piezo Scaler™ that gets your teeth and gumline their cleanest, free from any build-up that can lead to other, more serious health conditions. This tool uses high-frequency vibrations to remove deposits much faster than regular scaling instruments do. You will be glad to know most patients report little to no discomfort with the Piezo Scaler.

Specific Care for Seniors

Our teeth develop different problems as we age, just as our bodies do. Fillings may crack and need to be replaced to avoid cavities setting in under the restoration. The necessary flow of saliva through the mouth can be reduced because of certain medications. Teeth often become stained or yellowed due to years of consumption of certain foods or caffeine and tobacco products. Gum disease, a serious problem in seniors, needs immediate attention.

With regular check-ups, we can stay on top of these situations. Continue or improve proper daily dental care and healthy food choices to help keep your teeth in good condition. If you ever experience bleeding gums or loose teeth, please contact us immediately.


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