We have a full range of orthodontic treatment options to help give you the straighter, more even smile you’ve always wanted, all right here in our office. Whether it’s interceptive orthodontics for children, traditional braces, or a selection of clear and tooth-colored brackets, we can help!


A Clear Alternative

The ClearCorrect™ system makes it possible, in just 9 – 15 months, to have the straight teeth you have dreamed of! These aligners can correct overcrowding, widely spaced teeth, overbite, underbite, or crossbite. ClearCorrect uses gentle forces to move your teeth gently into position. The best part of ClearCorrect is that no one will know you’re straightening your teeth because the clarity of the aligners renders them almost invisible! The aligners are all in one piece, with no metal or wires to be checked and adjusted, so you get to spend less time in the dentist’s chair. Though you wear the aligners all day as well as while you sleep, they are easily removable for eating and brushing. You can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, with no food restrictions.



You Won’t be Self-Conscious with Braces

Like many technologies that have been improved to be smaller and less imposing for your life on the go, so too are modern-day braces. Today’s “traditional” braces use brackets that are smaller and less noticeable. They are bonded only to the front of the tooth, rather than around the tooth. They can even be tooth-colored to be less noticeable. Wires are thinner and they ease teeth into position more gently.

Will It Take a Long Time?

Let our orthodontics dentist, Dr. Bork tell you about the latest in modern techniques to straighten your teeth. Today’s technologies not only reduce the time you will need to correct your smile, they are also comfortable during treatment. They are attractive and do not detract from the appearance of your smile. Forget commitment to a time span of 3 – 5 years. Treatment times of 6 – 24 months vary from individual to individual, and traditional braces are still the fastest and most cost-effective way to go.



More than Just Braces

Orthodontics do more for your dental health and appearance than just straighten crooked teeth. They can be applied if the dental arch is too narrow or has an overbite (upper teeth overlap lower teeth), or an underbite (lower jaw or teeth are forward of the top teeth), and crossbite (overlapping of side teeth). These factors develop due to a variety of reasons, causing a problematic bite and/or jaw joint problems. We design special appliances that gently shift teeth and jaws into proper alignment. For children and teens, it will prevent more serious issues in the future.

Prevention Now or Braces Later

If your child has malocclusion (a “bad bite”), it is very beneficial to correct it before permanent teeth grow in. This will help their adult teeth come together instead of creating an overbite or other problem. The earlier the detection and correction, the easier the prevention. Early treatment can minimize the extent of orthodontics or eliminate the need completely.

Younger children’s bones are also more pliable than adults’. With today’s dental advancements, treatment no longer must be 3 – 5 years long. Although the care plan varies with each individual, treatment is usually 6 – 24 months and sometimes less! Dr. Bork provides braces that are more comfortable and less noticeable than ever before. Your child will not have the embarrassment or discomfort that has been associated with braces of the past. Please let us discuss what we can do for your child so he or she will have good dental health and a pleasing smile with clear dental braces.


Are you ready for the smile of your dreams? We can schedule a complimentary orthodontics consultation to find out the best orthodontic treatment for you. Call (908) 537-4248 now.