Our Patients Say the Nicest Things!

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“I have been a patient of Dr. Bork’s for 30 years. He is definitely the #1 Doc. Thank you.”
– Stephanie M.

“I had experienced pain in the left side of my jaw and could hardly open my mouth. Since I started using the NTI appliance Dr. Bork made for me the pain is gone. Thank you.”
– Lynn T.

“I’ve seen multiple dentists over the years and a well respected periodontist. Dr. Bork and his staff are excellent. I tried just about everything and my gum problems just continued to get worse. Even with very good home care, I had already lost two teeth and a third was not far behind. Perio Protect was my last hope. The results were better than I expected. Bleeding and swelling decreased dramatically within days. Most of my problem areas have been resolved after several weeks, however, I’m still working on saving that third tooth. I have no doubt that this tooth would have been history without Perio Protect. If caught early on , it’s my opinion that periodontal disease can be stopped in its tracks with this system. An antimicrobial solution is kept in direct contact with the problem areas for several minutes multiple times a day. It just makes sense to treat the disease in this manner. If you have mild to advanced periodontal disease, you owe it to yourself to give Perio Protect a try. Thank you.”
– Jeff L.

“I just received my replacement appliance for TMJ, a new Anterior Discluding Device. This new appliance is vastly superior to my old one (which covered all of my bottom teeth). It is very comfortable and does the job intended very well. Even though its placement is in the front, I find myself unaware that it is in place most of the time and it does not interfere with breathing or even drinking beverages. It cleans and stores easily. I am very satisfied with it! Thank you.”
– John G.

“My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Bork’s since his first year in practice. I have trusted him with my family’s dental health for over 20 years. He did my daughter’s orthodontia as well. I have referred patients to him and will continue to do so. I trust his judgment implicitly, and respect and admire him as a professional.”
– Pete H.

“I developed clenching during the time I was working my way through college. I would clench my teeth all night long and wake with a tightness in my jaw and a horrible headache. Since I have received my appliance from Dr. Bork I have used it every night with remarkable results. I no longer wake with headaches and my jaw does not hurt at all. The one night I forgot to wear the appliance I noticed the difference in the morning right away. I woke with a headache and my jaw pain had reappeared. I would recommend this appliance to anyone with a clenching or grinding problem.”
– Jill S.